General Information

Because of the amount of editorial support we offer here at VT, the standards we ask for are very high. A good starting point for any submission of your own original material is to read what we have included in each issue. Fiction should be around 2-3000 words in length, with shorter and longer pieces considered as well.

Evocative settings, inspirational plots and dark and complex characters all fulfil our requirements. Poetry should be powerful and captivating. They can be in any form or style with shorter pieces being preferred to long, mundane verse.

Articles can be on a number of themes following the general guidelines above, with a length of around 2000 words being best. Archaeology, history, magic, writing ideas and ancient religions have all featured in the pages of VT, and are all good avenues to consider.

Artwork intended for publication in VT should be of the highest standard and quality, and can be submitted in black and white or colour. Many of our past issues have used the artwork of UK artist Ruby.



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Visionary Tongue Magazine,
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Accepted Material & The Editorial Process

Once your work has been accepted for publication, you will be notified either by email or letter by one of the VT editors, who will be your point of contact until the successful publication of your work. You retain all the rights to your work, allowing us only the right to distribute paper copies of the magazine in which your work appears in and in any unedited re-prints when appropriate.

We post a selection of past submissions in each issue onto our website to provide an interactive archive section to showcase the work that has successfully been accepted for publication. At any time you retain the right for your work not to be published in this way by contacting editors, who will remove it from the website as soon as possible.

Visionary Tongue will send you a contract detailing your above rights and conditions, for you to sign and return or agree to via email before your work appears in our magazine. Please be aware that by agreeing to be published in VT, you are assuming full responsibility for any copyright infringements, libel or trade mark encroachments encountered. At VT, we prefer original work to be original.

Once your work has been accepted for a future issue of VT, it will usually be sent to one of our team of editors via email for possible alterations, who will then contact the contributor with their suggestions. This is a two way process between the author and the editor, and all changes are made by consent only.

Once both parties are happy with the final draft, the author’s work is then printed in a future issue of VT. This editing is intended to help contributors who wish to learn with their work, which remains their sole effort. This feedback is free, and at any time before publication contributors retain the right to withdraw their submission from this process and place their work elsewhere.

Currently, payment for accepted work is one free copy of the magazine. Extra copies can be ordered for the usual price, or may be given by the discretion of the editors for no extra charge.


How To Submit Your Work

We prefer submissions to be made via email, in the main body of the email, not as an attachment.

Please send all items for consideration to:

Submissions may also be made by post on CD, using Microsoft Works or Word. Please include enough return postage if you want your submission returned.

Postal address:

Visionary Tongue Magazine,
18 Woodfield Road,
United Kingdom