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The Alchemist’s Kitchen
Guy Ogilvy

Wooden Books, ISBN 1904263526

The great French poet Baudelaire, despite an often precarious financial position, always took great care with the binding of his works, often ordering luxury editions of his work to be given to favoured friends and fellow writers. One of the saddest things about publishing today is that, apart from hardback editions, the quality of printed works is in sharp decline. Not so with the series of books produced by Wooden Books. 100% recycled these are beautifully produced little books, with high quality images and a bespoke paper finish. Perhaps I digress, but this type of finish draws the reader into the evocative subject matter by Mr Ogilvy.
As an introductory text of alchemy, this is a remarkable concise sourcebook which includes extensive appendices which are so often lacking in publications of this type. Often consigned to the infamous realm of ‘new-age’ help guides, text books on alchemy are often lost on their shelves, and are often frankly dull. This text by comparison provides a very interesting read, even to the casual reader.

Review by Jamie Spracklen

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