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Issue 31 [Oct/Nov/Dec 2006]

Published quarterly by Mslexia Publications Ltd -

Firstly, let me declare myself an avowed fan of Mslexia. The name of the magazine is an invented word, meaning women’s writing, also referring to ‘the difficulty women find in getting published as compared to men’. The magazine is ‘for women who write’, covering all areas affecting writers, from poetry to booksellers to publishing.
It is professionally produced, great-looking and packed with useful information for both genders. Fortunately it lacks the usual literary snobbery, with guides to writing best sellers or appearing in ‘women’s magazines’ alongside more serious literary markets.
It features interviews with world famous writers, but one of its strongest points is the ‘New Writing’ section, which features both poetry and prose. This is always themed and has in the past included subjects such as shoes, dogs and rain. This issue it’s Travel. I have to say the submissions on this subject are not up to the usual excellent standard (and also, are rather dull, though to be fair, it’s rather a dull subject). The guest editor who has chosen the work gives useful analysis on how and why the pieces have been selected.
Other excellent features of the magazine include the Creativity section which helps the writer develop new ideas and overcome writer’s block. In this section there is also the wonderful Mslexia MA in Novel Writing, in nine parts, which guides you through the process of developing a novel.
The most indispensable part of the publication is the Info Directory where you can find extensive calls for submissions, competitions, information on grants, courses, events and websites. It’s very thorough and well-put together and is the place that this reviewer found out about Visionary Tongue!
Mslexia is a great publication and every writer – woman or man – will find it has something in it to get their creative juices flowing.

Review by Mia Hart-Allison