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Littoral: Nature and the Spirit
Spring Equinox 2006

72pp £4.50

Very smart perfect bound poetry magazine which is the flagship of the Littoral Press (see above), but then you are paying over four squid for the pleasure. Very mixed bag of verse and occasional rants ranging from the dire to the inspired, but then that’s the province of any editor and his or her own foibles of course, and us at VT are no different. Not sure I agree totally with the somewhat odd marriage of pappy Christianity with new age drivel, but editor Mervyn hit’s more bulleye’s then he misses with his chosen poets, with the regular cast list of notables and new poets showing us how to do it and jumping out of the pages at us into the bargain. Go on, give it a go!

The Littoral Press, 38 Barringtons , 10 Sutton Road, Southend on Sea, SS2 5NA.

Review by Jamie Spracklen