Kerry Jones [artist]

Artist Statement

Kerry Jones makes paintings of people she doesn’t know. The paintings are not portraits, as her represented subjects are unidentified, anonymous strangers. The artist is interested in the passing of time within the mundane everyday reality that we all experience. She subverts traditional notions of portraiture to bring significance to fleeting fragments of ordinary, banal moments; instants in time taken for granted and gone forever in a heartbeat.
For her subject matter, the artist targets people engaged in ‘unselfconscious’ activity. These unselfconscious acts could be the sweeping of hair from the face or an absent-minded fiddling with a necklace. The essential considerations are that the subjects aren’t performing for anyone other than themselves.
Jones’ paintings offer split-second, incomplete snapshots of contemporary modern life; although the subject becomes less a specific person and more like a stamp, a representational construct for our transitory existence.
The work is about fragments of moments.....and the realisation that they have already passed by.

Girl in a Green Coat
Girl in a Red Dress
Girl on a Train
Girl with a Coffee Cup and Cigarette
Man with a Beard (Blowing on Fingers)

Solitary Lunch